Designed for the Way You Live

Designed for the Way You Live

Custom luxury homes in Dallas, Texas, Highland Park and University Park

Are you dreaming of a custom home with a fireplace, balcony, open patio and water feature? Stop dreaming and put your ideas into motion with Thomas Fine Homes. Our team specializes in building high-end homes, and is willing to work with any type of design in mind. We want you to get the perfect home of your dreams in the Dallas, Texas area.

Trust us to provide a beautiful home for you

We take pride in our work and strive to provide quality homes in Dallas, Texas.
Our team knows the local market and builds homes that are current with today’s trends. You’re guaranteed the best products and services with Thomas Fine Homes. Our services include:
  • Scheduling a consultation to analyze the construction area
  • Discussing project ideas and forming a rough draft of plans
  • Connecting with an architect to create detailed blueprints
  • Starting the construction process to build your dream home

Call 214-505-2580 today to schedule a consultation with our team.